Q&A: Is there an easy way to become a graphic designer?

In these Q&A posts, I like to write my answers to questions found across social media and in real life about design, branding, and business. If you have a question you’d like answered, post a comment on my Facebook page, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

The path to becoming a graphic designer is easy on paper, but it takes hard work to get good at anything.

Start by looking for design problems in the real world and come up with how you would solve them (design is a problem-solution-based profession, after all).

Then once you’ve worked your way through that project, read through a few books on graphic design history and theory. My favorite for new designers is Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.

Apply everything you learn to a new problem you feel is worth solving and repeat the process.

Document your work along the way and share it with others to get feedback and learn how other people’s perspectives differ from your own.

Worry about the tools and the tech when you need to. Design is about color, composition, typography, symbology, and communication—Adobe Creative Suite is just a means to create those elements.

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