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AM Design Collective is a wellness-driven interior design firm run by Alice Moszczynski. Alice worked for different companies in the past but wanted to take those experiences and branch out on her own. She asked us to design a complete brand identity for her freelancing efforts, that would showcase her unique sensibilities.

Through the JCD brand discovery process, we realized that while other interior design companies are focused primarily on the fashion and style aspects of the work, Alice’s focus is different. Her mission is to pair interior design skill with deep compassion for her clients to create environments that foster personal, emotional, and spiritual change.

We centered around the words calmmodernflexible, and transformative to loosely define Alice’s sensible aesthetic and to guide the direction of her brand elements.

AM Design Collecting | Logo Variations | Jake Cooper Design
AM Design Collecting | Color Palette | Jake Cooper Design
AM Design Collecting | Business Cards | Jake Cooper Design
AM Design Collecting | Stationery | Jake Cooper Design

Working with Jake felt natural from the start. Jake's intuition and design sensibilities hit what I needed for the logo design on nose. It gave me clarity on my brand identity and it helped elevate my business.

Alice Moszczynski, Owner, Creative Director

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