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Maadwest is an energetic southern California pop-punk band whose philosophy is “fun at all costs. ” The branding and art direction below was created to coincide with the launch of their EP “We’re all Idiots”.

The spiny, super-compressed logotype was hand-drawn for this album and used on posters, buttons, and merchandise. The typefaces Courier and Futura contrast the aggression of the logotype and offer a bit of familiarity in an otherwise wild aesthetic.

Maadwest | Art Direction | Jake Cooper Design
Maadwest | Logo | Jake Cooper Design
Maadwest | Logo Variations | Jake Cooper Design
Maadwest | Posters | Jake Cooper Design

The creativity Jake brought to this project was unparalleled, I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator to bring Maadwest's visuals to life. Jake studied what my brand was all about and executed with creative precision to make the idea in my head a reality.

Matty McNamara, Frontman

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