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Mustachio is a concept brand designed to add a bit of cheery masculinity to the Providence, RI café scene. The idea was formed after noticing that the nearby coffee shops had very feminine branding.

We wondered what a masculine version of a coffee shop / café might look like, and quickly decided it must be a more gentlemanly form of masculinity than rugged or sporty. A friendly mustache seemed the perfect visual cue for a gentlemanly cafe and the resulting logo and branding was built out from there.

The project evolved into a full brand and packaging package. We chose typefaces and accents that portrayed elegance while choosing colors that would pair visually with the colors of warm coffee, rich chocolates, and fresh pastries.

Mustachio | Branding Materials | Jake Cooper Design
Jake Cooper Design - Mustachio Branding Logo
Mustachio | Color Palette | Jake Cooper Design
Mustachio | Packaging Angle | Jake Cooper Design
Mustachio | Packaging Stacked | Jake Cooper Design

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