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As part of Time Warner Inc., we were tasked with redesigning the company blog to create a more responsive and flexible design.  The blog needed to accommodate a more adaptable publishing style while both honoring and updating the Time Warner aesthetic developed over the past few years.

With versatility in mind, we developed a modular container that could hold any variation of content while maintaining visual consistency regardless of device size or word count.

A major part of this project’s success was working hand-in-hand with the development team. We functioned together to solve the problems we encountered, rather than working separately on individual tasks. Our combined insights allowed us to troubleshoot in real-time to create solutions immediately.

The revamped design earned our team a 2016 Gold Stevie Award for Best Blog from The International Business Awards, which led to more engagement and traffic for the popular media blog.

Time Warner Inc. Blog | Laptop Cover Image | Jake Cooper Design
Time Warner Inc. Blog | Flexible Content Template | Jake Cooper Design
Time Warner Inc. Blog | Mobile Design | Jake Cooper Design
Time Warner Inc. Blog | Laptop Closeup | Jake Cooper Design
Time Warner Inc. Blog | Responsive Design | Jake Cooper Design

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